26 Letters reimagined

Have you ever thought about the power of the alphabet? We know these 26 letters quite well and use them, and sometimes misuse them, in our day to day lives. But then what makes these 26 letters so powerful?

Think back to your favourite novel, movie, song, or play. When you had your first encounter with it, something happened. Your eyes were opened to a different point of view about the world around you or perhaps you were able to think about yourself a little bit deeper. And every time you hear that song again, reread that book to discover something new, it means something to you, you feel something.

Whether it’s nostalgia about what once was or the possibility of what awaits or even the realisation of what is now. You feel something. That right there, dear friend, is the hidden power of 26 letters…

If arranged thoughtfully, they can evoke feelings in you that bring about moments of joy, that more often than not, have a long-lasting impact on you.

What if all it took to change your life was to encounter an arrangement of 26 letters that moved your heart? That’s what literature achieves effortlessly in its different shapes and forms. This is also what The Lit Corner hopes to do. To open the doors for you to explore the array of thought-provoking and moving literature that is hidden all around us.

We promise that every encounter with our arrangement of 26 letters will be lit!


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