Local Bestselling Novel Hits The Small Screen

It is often said that movies based on novels fall short of being able to move the viewer in the same way as the novel did. Whether it is true or not is subjective.  However, what remains consistent is that reader and viewer are transported to a different world for a short while.

Renowned local author, Angela Makholwa-Moabelo, has shown the potential of the South African literary scene with her debut novel, Red Ink, being turned into an eight part television series on Showmax.

First published in 2007, Red Ink is a gripping thriller inspired by a case of a real life serial killer. We follow the journey of Lucy, a public relations consultant, as she pursues her dream of writing a novel after being approached by serial killer, Napoleon Dingiswayo, to tell his story. Needless to say, the events that follow leave readers and viewers captivated and wanting more. The long awaited sequel to Red Ink, The Reed Dance Stalker, was published in 2023 and we meet Lucy more than a decade later and are gripped by all the mysterious events that unfold despite the success she has enjoyed.

Makholwa-Moabelo is no stranger to having her literary works turned into on screen productions. Netflix adopted her novel, The 30th Candle into a movie titled Love, Sex and 30 Candles in 2023. The difference with the adaption of Red Ink was that Mokholwa-Moabelo was highly involved in the vision and production of the eight-part series aired by Showmax.

In sharing her hopes of the series, Mokholwa-Moableo explains,  “I hope audiences will watch the series, not only as a form of entertainment, but as a tool to analyse, diagnose and engage critically about our traumas as a society and why they manifest in violent behaviours.”

If you’re looking for an adventure-filled escape, check out the series on Showmax!