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About us

We are not a traditional newsroom.

Our hope is that our conversations may inspire others to start talking too. Mature dialog can illuminate problems and start the search for solutions. Our aim in creating Established Africa (EA) is to educate and inform, so that we can better understand our role in the world. At the core EA values independence, integrity, and honesty.

We firmly believe that ignorance is not bliss. It robs people of understanding; breeds fear that swiftly evolves into hate. Ignorance is dangerous and inhibits us from healing the wounds of the past and clearly seeing the direction of the future.

Communication solves conflict and the power to do so lies in the accurate and responsible dispensing of information. If you are truly informed, you will throw away ignorance and take hold of the truth.

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Newspaper Team

Bureau stations across South Africa

(+27) 82-929-5384

Email: newsdesk@established.co.za


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