HomeBru Just In Time For Winter

Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

Exclusive Books’ 2024 HomeBru collection celebrates South African literature, offering diverse reads across genres like fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. From novels by Shubnum Khan and Barbara Boswell to children’s books by Fanie Viljoen and Salamina Mosese, there’s something for everyone. The collection highlights the richness of South African culture, encouraging readers to explore local talent and embrace the essence of Mzansi.

As the weather changes, people tend to limit how much they go out and rather opt to stay indoors with family and friends while indulging in homemade comfort food. The only thing missing from this winter combo, is a book that one can escape into for hours on end. Exclusive Books have heard the cries of the booklovers through the 2024 edition of HomeBru described as, ‘a celebration of unique and quintessentially South African words.’

Booklovers can enjoy local reads across various genres such as fiction, poetry, history and current affairs and humor. This is an opportunity to step outside of one’s literary comfort zone and discover local talent. Some noteworthy titles from this year’s collection include Shubnum Khan’s  The Lost Love of Akbar Manzil, The Comrades Wife by Barbara Boswell and The Finish Line by Gail Schimmel. There’s even something for the little ones such as Springbookaroo by Fanie Viljoen or Disaster at Gogo’s Spaza by actress Salamina Mosese.

For our non-fiction readers, they can delve into current affairs with Oyama Mabandla as she explores the Soul of a Nation and discover how Chris Pappas and Sandile Mnikathi are thinking about Saving South Africa. Sally Andrews provides scrumptious recipes to explore this winter through her cookbook, Recipes To Live For: A Tannie Maria Cookbook.

There’s no other country in the world like our beloved Mzansi. Through the 2024 collection,  Exclusive Books will help readers remember that there is no place like home, bru.

If you are interested in finding out what other reads are included in the collection, have a look at the Exclusive Books website.

Source: https://exclusivebooks.co.za/collections/homebru-2024