Floating Book Fair docks on Mzansi shores

When thinking of a bookstore, the common picture that comes to mind is a quirky little store with books from years long passed and unique antiques that leave you mesmerised. This may be true for bookstores on land, however, have you ever wondered what a floating bookstore would be like? From May, Durbanites will be able to experience what it’s like to search for a new read on water as the Logos Hope docks at the Durban Harbour.

The Logos Hope ship is home to the world’s largest book fair with over 5 000 books for bookworms to browse through in search for their next read. The ship sails around the world and stops for a few weeks in various destinations to set up the book fair and also volunteer doing community outreach work. What makes this ship even more special is that the crew members are all volunteers from roughly 60 different countries. As one visits the book fair, you are bound to bump into a teacher, nurse or electrician from somewhere around the world. There is a development programme offered for the crew on board and at the end of the voyages, they walk away having learned new skills.

Durbanites can get ready to welcome the ship from the beginning of May and the entrance fee is only R10 for this once in a lifetime experience. The former president of Matla, Marie-Loiuse Preca shared how the Logos Hope book fair, ‘is an undoubtedly amazing source of knowledge for those who seek it and the access of literature will offer many opportunities for personal development and acquisition of wisdom.’ Be sure not to miss out on this floating experience!