A Feast for Booklovers

Source: https://openbookfestival.co.za/

Imagine being surrounded by fellow book aficionados, all sharing stories of their most cherished books and how these literary works have expanded their perspectives on themselves and the world around them. If this scenario sounds like your description of a perfect world, your dreams are about to come true. March marks the beginning of the literary festival calendar with the Open Book Youth Fest taking place in Cape Town.

After the success of the inaugural Youth Fest in 2023, the festival is back to reclaim its title. This year, it sets its sights on nurturing the next generation of readers and writers in our nation, scheduled to run from the 13th to the 20th of March.

When it comes to reading, one of the most important things is access to books and spaces that allow young minds to experience and cultivate a reading culture. The venue selection for the Open Book Youth Fest will fulfill this need. Throughout the seven-day festival, engaging storytime sessions and open mic events will be held not only in schools but also in public and iconic venues across the city, including The Book Lounge and Bertha House. 

While the events hosted at schools will not be open to the general public, there will be a plethora of events at the other venues that one will be able to attend free of charge. 

Participants can anticipate a diverse lineup of both seasoned and budding authors at festival, including renowned figures like Sindiwe Magona, Diane Awerbuck and Zandile Ndhlovu, also known as The Black Mermaid. 

In the words of Glory Edim, “With really good literature you’re allowed to take multiple journeys as your perspective shifts over time. It continues to resonate, as you find different ways of entering and engaging with the narrative.” 

Take a moment to explore the programme and discover how you, and perhaps even your little ones, can embark on a much-needed journey into an imaginary world through the Youth Fest.