#Elections19: What ANC stands for

President of SA Cyril Ramaphosa [image: TRT World]

The African National Congress (ANC) is one of South Africa’s longest running political parties. Established in 1912, it is the only party that has repeatedly knocked out its opponents since contending in the first democratic elections in 1994.

The current president of the ANC and South Africa is Cyril Ramaphosa. For years this party has focused on the struggle against racism and oppression. However, on 8 May 2019, they will defend their title under the slogan “Let’s Grown South Africa Together”.

They began their run in 1994 under the slogan “A People’s Plan for a better life for all” and worked with the mission to try and encompass the Freedom Charter.

ANC’s President Cyril Ramaphosa, the late first president of democratic SA Nelson Mandela, and former president Jacob Zuma [image: DW]
With Election Day just a day away, many have speculated that these elections may change the narrative for the current reigning champion party. Through their 68 page manifesto, the ANC expressed their wish for positive change in South Africa and for South Africans.

Here are their six key agendas outlined in their 2019 manifesto:
  1. Transforming the economy the serve all people: through the creation of more jobs, decent jobs.
  2. Advancing social transformation: emphasizing that education and health are still priority when it comes to social transformation. Additionally, they have highlighted the need to fight gangsterism.
  3. Stepping up the fight against corruption throughout society and safeguarding.
  4. Rebuilding and renewing a capable and developmental state: improving public responsiveness of the state,
  5. Nation building and social cohesion.
  6. Building a better Africa and better world altogether.


These goals are actually achievable. The ANC’s great track record might not be great at present but, since the last elections in 2014, the party has built 1.4 million homes. They have also ensured that 2.4 million South African’s received their ARV’s since then.

One more key achievement for the ANC has been the posing of free higher education at first year level for the poor and working class. It has been a big one considering #FeesMustFall and other student protests all over South Africa since 2015.

ANC supporters at a rally [image: BizNews]
One cannot dispute the fact that there a number of mistakes that the ANC has made since successfully defending the ruling party title in 2014. There was the long-awaited resignation of former president Jacob Zuma, the Gupta saga and, most recently, the state capture linked to corruption with current members, former members and allies of the ANC.

With this in mind one can just wait and see if the people will of South will allow the ANC to be part of their growth.