Zimbabweans raise their voices #ZimbabweanLivesMatter

Zimbabwe is under the spotlight this week as unrest, instability and protest takes place in the streets of Bulawayo and Harare after security forces were deployed to control the people, which resulted in police brutality and the imprisonment of activists.

Political activists have taken a stand in the hope that their voices will be heard as they address issues pertaining to the shortage of foreign currency, corruption linked to COVID-19, economic hardships, lack of medicine and public hospitals in many parts of Zimbabwe.

As of  Tuesday, 3rd August, it was reported that 5 people have been arrested for inducing public violence. However, journalists in Zimbabwe have expressed that many of those who have been arrested have not been documented.

President Emmerson Mnangawa addressed the nation on Tuesday morning calling for unity and patriotism amongst the people during the unrest. Stating that the goal for the nation is peace, stability, unity, development, progress and prosperity. This comes after he announced last week for the extension of the lockdown in Zimbabwe through the implementation of overnight curfew and restricted moment.

With the #FreeZimbabwe and #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement growing on social media, the people of Zimbabwe hope that they can get the attention of the African Union and other African leaders and make them aware about the injustice and human rights violations taking place in their country.


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