#Womandla: Celebrating Helen Zille & Denise Robinson

In celebration of Women’s Month we bring you part two of our #Womandla series where we celebrate women who have made a mark in society. Today we celebrate Helen Zille and Denise Robinson.

When we speak about women in politics that have left a mark, Helen Zille is a name that immediately comes to the fore. Her role in the fight for equality, democracy and against discrimination will forever be told in our history books as they have left a lasting effect on the people of South Africa.

With a background in journalism, activism and having serves as a political leader for the Democratic Alliance and Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille has made a big impact in the political scene. Her reputation as being a prominent critic of apartheid was seen way before 1994. She was involved in several organizations such as the Black Sash Civil Rights group, philanthropic Open Society Foundation and the Independent Media Diversity Trust.

When she was elected as a member of Parliament in 1999, she took reigns and served as a member of the executive council heading the education division. This was the beginning of a successful career in the DA which resulted in her election as a member of the South African National Assembly. Helen Zille was elected mayor of Cape Town in 2006 and her efforts resulted in her receiving the World Mayor Award in 2008.

Her reputation is one that precedes itself as she has been an inspiration to many as a woman who stands her ground and speaks up for socio-political issues in the hopes to change the lives of people around her.

Denise Robinson

The Shadow Minister of the Women in Presidency, Denise Robinson has made big strides in South Africa since the late 1990’s when she was elected Proportional Representative Councillor in Tygerberg Municipality in Cape Town.

Currently in her position as Shadow Minister of Women, Youth, Children and People with Disabilities, Robinson is determined to ensure the voices of the marginalised and the vulnerable is heard by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills they need to better their lives as a whole.

Through the 16 Days of Activism Campaign which the DA runs, she has been able to recommend key elements to ensure better lives for women, children and the vulnerable in society. Pushing for regular monitoring of police station compliance regarding the Domestic Violence Act, training volunteers to serve as victim service workers and rallying for the establishment of more safehouses for victims of abuse.

Denise Robinson is determined to make difference by protecting the women, children, youth and disabled in our communities. We recognise her efforts and thank her for the role she has played in uplifting the women of South Africa.


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