Uncertainty in DA camp after Mashaba resigns

What is the future of the Democratic Alliance (DA) looking like after the resignation of Herman Mashaba as mayor of the City of Johannesburg?

Mashaba resigned as mayor on 21 October amidst conflict within the DA after the appointment of Helen Zille as Federal Council Chair.

Mashaba had expressed a week before his resignation that he is not going to sit back if things do not change in the DA, especially when it comes to issues pertaining to race. Making it clear that he will resign as mayor, if the party is taken over by “right-winged elements.”

The statement above made by Mashaba has caused conflict within the party. Especially between himself and former leader of the DA Helen Zille where there has been a number of back and fourths about their political and social views.

Thus, he officially made his decision to resign as Mayor of Johannesburg known to all South Africans after Zille’s appointment on Sunday 20 October.

It is said that Mashaba’s resignation is linked to DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s call to address the press on Wednesday afternoon, after the Federal Executive Meeting of the party. It is believed that he too will announce his resignation from his post.

The challenge the DA now faces is how to move forward. They will need to look into appointing a new candidate who has the same skills and qualifications as Mashaba. Furthermore, they are faced with the daunting task of finding a replacement whom their coalition partners, the EFF, will approve of.

The DA have until 27 November when Mashaba leaves his duty as Mayor of the City of Johannesburg.


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