Time to make peace with our planet

This year calls for a collective effort to make 2021 the year of peace. Our survival as the inhabitants of the most beautiful planet in the universe depends on it. Without us knowing it, we have declared war on our planet, thinking of ourselves as a more advanced civilisation. We have mentioned sustainability in every gathering about climate change yet the outcomes remain unchanged. We are also in opposition as governments and leaders at a time where we really need to stand together against our common enemies.

The pandemic is now responsible for almost 2,23 million deaths the world over, the disease itself emerged due to habitat encroachment and destruction of nature’s dwelling places. Natural disasters have increased in intensity and frequency which has given the last decade the title of being the hottest on record to due climate change. The one thing that allows us to live and breathe…oxygen, is so polluted in certain countries that it kills 9 million people every year. The things and materials we have created now weigh more than all living things on our planet. It’s time to change.

We have been living out of balance with nature and even ourselves for too long. Imagine if we all decided that this year we will be intentional about changing the world and helping our planet to heal. This may be the most overused cliche, but we ourselves can be the change we want to see by sharing in the dialogues that matter and encouraging our leaders to be stewards of the Earth and its people.

Our roommates of this planet are beautiful in countless ways, but this same biodiversity and rich tapestry of wildlife are threatened daily by unsustainable actions. Let’s reflect on how we can help facilitate change and growth on our planet as opposed to causing more harm. Let’s stand united to help and heal ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. Let’s all be the light that shines to make 2021 the year of peace and of change. It starts with us.


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