Back to school

It has been such a long time without a regular routine, that it almost seems unreal for things to ever return to the way they were. An obvious indication that some sense of normality will return soon is the ‘back-to-school’ branding that this time of year is so familiar with. Neatly packed books, rows of stationary, and racks of new back-pack arrivals, fill the isles of every department store, big or small. Although the majority of schools will only open later in Feb, I count myself lucky to resume my Uber-duty for at least one of my school-going children. A job title I may, or may not, previously have undervalued.

Of course, in anticipation of this eventful day, many preparations had to be made. One of the many things to keep in mind for children is their unpredictability. Last year, Ironman might have been the number one superhero, but this can abruptly change, as is evident with the stack of newly covered books with some strange green character, clearly not human, staring at me through shiny plastic #babyYoda?

Ironed clothes, brand new shoes, packed lunch, and armed with a beaming grin I get the impression that we are ready for the 2021 school year. Although it might be scary for parents, the children seem to be unperturbed and easily take all these changes in their stride. They continue their young lives as if nothing has changed. I gaze at this precious boy with unexpressed admiration and am newly inspired to also be brave in this new world.

With the weeks of isolated vacation time finally over and the enthusiastic tween dropped off, I too can enjoy the rest of the morning in silent appreciation, listening to the sound of… well, silence.