This year, embrace the Child within

With every New Year’s comes an opportunity to start afresh. To change, to grow, to be resolved and to thrive. This year, more than any other year, is an opportunity to embrace the child you once were. The childhood classic The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint – Exupery reminds us why it’s so important to be a child more often.










Take a moment and think back to yourself as a child. Was anything impossible for you to do? Or was anything complicated? For the most part, life was simple. You ate the food you enjoyed the most, played with your friends and were not shy to pull a face or cry when you were hurt or upset. Along the lines you became an adult and things started to change…

The Little Prince explains that, “grown-ups always need things explained to them.” How would you explain that your best friend is a flower that suddenly appeared on your planet? Take a moment and wrap your head around that. It sounds different, maybe even unexpected. But if you are okay with it, should you try and justify your reasoning to others or rather embrace the joy you feel from this unique relationship? With a new year comes a new opportunity to see things a little differently. Don’t be scared to try.

You may be wondering how you can embrace the child within you more. The vintage classic of The Little Prince highlights seven lessons that can help you awaken the child within:

  • Numbers don’t always matter
  • Think about the planet
  • Focus on one’s actions instead of their words
  • Relationships are things that keep life moving
  • You can only see the important things in life with your heart
  • The time you spend on something speaks volumes
  • Look up at the stars every once in a while

Some of you may be thinking…another list of things to think about with the start of a new year. This is something The Little Prince wouldn’t be surprised about because throughout the story, he really struggles to understand why grown-ups think the way they do! The way the Little Prince sees it, “it’s just a question of self-discipline.”

Spend some time with The Little Prince…you won’t regret it!


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