The Balwin Sports Peninsula Marathon: Cape Town Host Prestigious Sports Event with Shincheonji Volunteers

Deputy Mayor Eddie Andrews and Shincheonji Volunteers runners don orange capes as a stand against gender-based violence. (Source: Shincheonji Volunteers)

The Balwin Sports Peninsula Marathon commenced its second leg in Cape Town on 18 February 2024, marking the start of another thrilling chapter in this prestigious sporting event. Johannesburg hosted the inaugural leg on February 11, and after Sunday’s race, the focus will shift to Pretoria and Durban as the year unfolds.

The event saw the enthusiastic participation of Shincheonji Volunteers, the dedicated volunteer arm of Shincheonji Church of Jesus (Shincheonji). Partnering with the City of Cape Town, Shincheonji Volunteer mobilised a formidable team of 100 volunteers who efficiently marshaled the race, ensuring its smooth progression.

Loud cheers met the runners as they arrived near the finish line. (Source: Shincheonji Volunteers)

Shincheonji’s involvement in the marathon was not only about running; it was a platform to raise awareness and rally support for Sisters Incorporated, an anti-domestic violence shelter with a legacy of providing refuge and empowerment to women and children for over 60 years. Athletes from Shincheonji, alongside Deputy Mayor Eddie Andrews, ran in solidarity to champion Sisters Incorporated’s cause, emphasizing the need to combat abuse and stand by survivors.

Beyond the marathon, Shincheonji Volunteers have been actively engaged in several
community-building initiatives, including clean-ups, soup kitchens, and mobile health clinics.
Guided by the values of unity and compassion, Shincheonji Volunteers have forged Memoranda of Understanding with local authorities and organisations across Cape Town and Stellenbosch, solidifying their commitment to uplifting communities.

Shincheonji Volunteers Nic Ngcobo, Deputy Mayor Andrews, and Sisters Incorporated Manager Delene Hartnick-Roberts shout “We are one” with the Shincheonji runners. (Source: Shincheonji Volunteers)

This collaboration between the City of Cape Town and Shincheonji Volunteers marks a historic milestone, paving the way for promising future endeavors. Reflecting on this alliance, Nic Ngcobo, Coordinator of Shincheonji Volunteers, expressed unwavering enthusiasm for the opportunity to create a meaningful impact in partnership with the City of Cape Town, affirming the organization’s steadfast dedication to serving humanity.

“We firmly believe that continued collaboration between Shincheonji Volunteers and the office of the Deputy Mayor will act as a catalyst, propelling Cape Town towards its vision of becoming the City of hope. Together, we are committed to nurturing a community that shines as a beacon of light and hope, not only for Cape Town but for all of South Africa,” he expressed.