Christians encouraged to unite and become one

On Monday 4 July 2022 the Chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Mr Man-Hee Lee, addressed Christian pastors, believers and journalists worldwide through a special online seminar and encouraged Christians to investigate the prophecies of the book and Revelation.

The church organised this special seminar as summary after its global online Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Level courses based on the Bible came to a conclusion on 27 June. The duration of the course was nine months.

Chairman Lee encouraged Christians to “become one by checking the revealed testimony of reality” while referring to the many prophecies and promises recorded in the Bible being fulfilled. The seminar entitled “66 Books of the Bible, Secrets of Heaven and the Testimony of the New Testament Revelation”, was broadcasted on YouTube and was attended by pastors from all over the world, including more than 240 pastors from South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and other Southern African countries.

Pastors, believers and journalists were encouraged by Chairman Lee saying, “If you have any evidence of this testimony being wrong or any abnormalities, please always tell me.” He expressed his desire to explain Christian Scripture without anyone having misunderstandings or confusion regarding the content of the lessons.

“We need to check when, where, and how far Jesus’ promises have been fulfilled, not just believing unconditionally,” Chairman Lee said. The Chairman further emphasised that, “If the evidence of the entire book of Revelation and the New and Old Testaments that Shincheonji revealed is correct, shouldn’t everyone believe it?”

Shincheonji Chairman Lee

Chairman Lee explained how Jesus made a New Covenant in Luke 22 as recorded in the Bible and said that, “The New Covenant is that Jesus, who fulfilled the Old Testament, promised to come back at the time of his second coming.” Chairman Lee further explained that Jesus wanted to achieve what is explained in the Biblical book of Revelation through the New Testament, and added how God wants to fulfil this in our era.

He made an appeal to those listening to the seminar: “Didn’t you record what Shincheonji Church testified to the whole world? If the word is correct, let us become one in the word and come before God.” Chairman Lee concluded by saying, “As the Old Testament is fulfilled, the New Testament is also fulfilled. We have testified the main contents of Revelation and the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Please record it and watch it again and again, and let us become one.”

While Shincheonji’s nine-month long online Bible course recently concluded, the church expects more than 100,000 students to graduate later this year. The Bible course had more than 21 million views. It is available online together with the recent seminar (on 4 July presented by Chairman Man-Hee Lee) on Shincheonji Church’s official YouTube channel at:



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