Roeathea Butler: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs with a Values-Driven Approach

Roeathea Butler, a renowned American business coach, recently held a transformative 3-day online seminar from June 11-13, 2024. The seminar, aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs, focused on three essential keys to creating a “business blueprint for increased visibility, impact, and profit.” This event imparted business knowledge and a deep connection between personal values and entrepreneurial success.

Day 1: The Importance of Values and Mindset

The seminar began with a unique and grounding approach—breathing exercises. Roeathea believes in the power of starting with a calm and focused mind, setting a positive tone for the days ahead. She emphasised that values and mindset are crucial in overcoming the blockages that many entrepreneurs face.

Roeathea shared her personal journey, which resonated deeply with the attendees. She recounted her early days as a business owner, a time when she was financially successful but deeply unhappy. Despite her business’ monetary success, she felt burdened and burnt out. She soon decided to give it all up. Seeking a change, she turned to therapy, which helped her address a trauma block. However, therapy alone didn’t resolve her discontent.

She discovered that what she truly needed was a coach—someone to help her reframe her business approach and find solutions within the business itself. This revelation was a turning point, inspiring her to help other women achieve success without sacrificing their joy or health.

Day 2: Aligning Business with Core Values

On the second day, Roeathea delved deeper into the concept of values, describing them as our core beliefs and principles—our north star. Values, she explained, are ingrained in us from a young age, shaped by our environments and experiences. As we grow older, we often reassess and sometimes change these values to better align with our evolving worldviews.

Roeathea encouraged the attendees to become values-driven entrepreneurs. She explained that businesses should reflect their founders’ values, creating environments where personal beliefs and professional practices intersect. She used examples of companies like Starbucks and Trader Joe’s, which have successfully built their brands around strong core values. Starbucks, for instance, emphasises community and environmental responsibility, while Trader Joe’s focuses on customer satisfaction and quality products. These businesses serve as models of how aligning business practices with core values can lead to thriving enterprises that do not compromise on joy or health.

Day 3: Crafting a Business Blueprint

The final day of the seminar was dedicated to practical application. Roeathea provided actionable strategies for creating a business blueprint that enhances visibility, impact, and profit. She emphasised the importance of integrating personal values into every aspect of the business, from marketing and customer relations to product development and company culture.

By the end of the seminar, Roeathea hoped that each participant would internalise the message that “our values are our north star.” This guiding principle, she believes, is essential for creating a business that not only succeeds but also fulfills and sustains the entrepreneur.

Roeathea’s passion for coaching female entrepreneurs is evident in the success stories of the women she has mentored. Her approach has helped countless women build businesses that thrive without leading to burnout. These entrepreneurs have learned to balance profitability with personal well-being, creating sustainable and fulfilling business models.