Paris Bible Conference Sparked Hope for Christian Revival in Europe

    Scenes from the Continental Word Conference in Paris, France, on June 15.

    A beacon of hope shone over Europe as the recent Word Conference in Paris, organised by the Shincheonji Church of Jesus (Shincheonji), drew over 7,000 participants, including 1,000 pastors, in a quest for spiritual rejuvenation amidst declining church attendance and secularisation trends across the continent.

    The conference, held on June 15, marked a pivotal moment in the “2024 Continental Bible Conference” series, which commenced in the Philippines and responded to fervent calls from pastors seeking a revival in Europe.

    Keynote speaker Chairman Man-Hee Lee emphasised the importance of understanding Revelation without deviation, urging pastors to transmit this essential message faithfully. “God’s work is accomplished as described in Revelation,” Chairman Lee asserted. “And it is crucial for pastors to teach this to their congregations without alteration.”

    Video of Chairman Man Hee Lee’s lecture from the Shincheonji Word Conference on June 8, being shown at the Continental Word Conference in Paris.

    European pastors echoed their eagerness to delve deeper into Shincheonji Church’s teachings on the Book of Revelation, anticipating a revival through continuous exchanges and shared understanding.

    “Learning about Revelation was truly profound and amazing. I wanted to learn more about the Bible, and if I had been invited to Korea, I would have started preparing for the ticket (airfare) right away,” expressed Pastor Delly Delphin Matondo from the Full Gospel denomination, reflecting on the conference.

    Seung Joo Lee, head of one of the 12 branches at Shincheonji Church, imparted insights on biblical prophecies and their contemporary relevance, encouraging pastors to embrace the fulfilled words of Revelation as a catalyst for spiritual awakening.

    Seung Joo Lee, head of the Simon Tribe at Shincheonji Church, delivered a lecture at the Continental Word Conference in Paris, France.

    The conference came at a critical juncture as Europe grappled with modernization and a decline in traditional church attendance, compounded by societal shifts towards secularism and liberal theology.

    “Many pastors expressed keen interest in deepening their understanding of Revelation through our educational programs, and we are committed to supporting this through our Zion Christian Mission Centers across Europe,” said a representative of Shincheonji.

    The conference’s impact extended beyond Europe, resonating with pastors in Africa and South Africa in particular. Plans are underway for a gathering of pastors from around the world in Korea later in the year, aimed at fostering unity and theological clarity among pastors worldwide.

    As of June 5, 2024, Shincheonji Church has signed MOUs with 12,538 churches in 83 countries. Additionally, 1,341 churches in 41 countries have joined Shincheonji Church and changed their signs. As of the end of May, 5,614 pastors are currently enrolled in Bible education courses at the Zion Christian Mission Center both domestically and internationally.

    For more information on upcoming conferences and educational opportunities, visit Shincheonji Church’s official website.