Ready… Steady… Go!

Walking through the isles of the shopping mall, one cannot help but notice the stationary sales, school bags, diaries and bright banners. It is apparent that the ‘jolly season’ has indeed ended and the all too familiar back-to-school theme is making its annual appearance. It marks the beginning of an epic journey of 12 years for excited pupils, and anxious (perhaps emotional) parents.


As trollies fill up with new educational tools, many thoughts surely come to mind for both the novice and the expert. What will this year bring? What unrecognized talents will be discovered? What unseen obstacles will be faced?


While some have walked this road before, it is unfamiliar territory to others. The more experienced understand the pace, dynamics and expectations a new school year brings. Such as the many tests, tasks, activities and even the ebb and flow of everchanging friendship circles. The amateur finds the whole experience overwhelming, yet exciting as they mark off lists, stick name tags on just about everything, pack the brand-new schoolbag way in advance, and check it a million times, just in case.


A new school year is often filled with hopes and dreams. Those who left the first-day-of-school hustle and bustle, school activities and driving clubs behind are left to reminisce.


As for me, this daydream is disrupted by the blaring of the alarm that announces the official start of this next chapter. It’s back to ironing, hair brushing, shoe polishing, and lunch packing. I have time for at least this final thought, ”Ready, steady, let’s go!”


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