Proudly South African, Proudly Playbox

Playbox is the New Online Platform and brainchild of co-founders Mark Levy and Natasha Fracchiolla. This innovative concept will allow people to view 10-minute online lessons guided by the top movers and shakers in South Africa.

Playbox is an eLearning platform with a proudly South African twist that connects its users to the hearts and minds of South Africa’s prolific game changers in various sectors. The platform which launched in the first week of July is an online space for South Africans to watch ten-minute sessions from award-winning pioneers with the likes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Lucas Radebe and Maps Maponyane, to name but a few.

This concept for Playbox came to life through the inspiration of a telephone call that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic and the platform aims to bring together education and entertainment with high-quality content that can stimulate growth and ideas for many South Africans.

The platform has a similar interface to the popular Masterclass where Hollywood’s elite share their secrets of success gathered through many years of experience.

“We’ve filmed them (with a) kind of Hollywood quality and we’ve put them onto a platform that if you’re familiar with ‘Masterclass’ will be very, very familiar to you. Similar style, similar concept, but featuring exclusively South Africans teaching their skills.” shared Mark Levy, co-founder of Playbox.

In tandem with the potential of reaching millions of South Africans doing extraordinary things through incredible individuals, Playbox would also like to honour the South African narrative of diversity and genius through the amazing people sharing their skills.

“We really want to honor the South African story through Playbox. It’s part and parcel of what we’re doing. It’s our ethos and we’ve got incredible South Africans sharing their story that informs the skills that they’re transferring.” added Natasha Fracchiolla, Co-founder of Playbox.

With such an endless pool of South African talent it is exciting to see how Playbox will weave together the strands of skill-sharing and legacy to craft another tapestry that is proudly South African.


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