Fruity flavours

Although we are on the verge of the ‘Jolly season’, spring can still be celebrated. For our tingling taste buds that means pineapples, pears, plums and papayas – just some of the delicious fruit in season. It is a good idea to include Mother nature’s seasonal fruit and veg into our diet because vitamin C content is higher than those out of season. Also, it is often offered at lower prices during their respective seasons.

But where to start? Here are 3 ideas:

No. 1: The Trusty Green salad

Although you might be tempted to stick to your tried and tested recipe, jazz it up with some seasonal fruit. Currently, this can be apples, berries, pears or pineapple.

No. 2: Deluxe Dessert

Do you prefer something a little more decadent? No problem. Try watermelon and sweet melon balls with ice cream and sauce. Probably not recommended for those who are still working to rid the winter….

No. 3: Straight up

Maybe you are more of a no-mess-no-fuss type of person and will opt for the way Mother nature intended them to be had. Just as they are. Whole fruit, skin and all!

Well, how do you like them? Whole, mixed in a green salad for some oompf, or scooped up with ice cream as a dessert? Luckily there is still time left in this season to try them all.


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