City survey to help improve mobility across Cape Town

The City of Cape Town is busy with a citywide travel survey to gather information about residents’ commuting patterns and the trips they make to places of education. The data will assist the Transport Directorate with forward planning related to Cape Town’s road network and the demand for public transport services.

Innovative Transport Solutions (ITS) is conducting the travel survey on behalf of the City’s Transport Directorate. The easiest way to participate is online, at

‘The more residents participate in this survey, the better we can plan for interventions and innovations to improve mobility across Cape Town. It will only take a few minutes to complete and I want to encourage commuters to please work with us so that we can ensure our road network and public transport services keep our people and goods moving. Forward planning is pivotal to the City’s work as capital intensive projects such as the construction of new roads or roll-out of public transport services take years to implement,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Councillor Rob Quintas.

Apart from the online survey, fieldworkers from ITS are also gathering information through face-to-face interviews at various locations across Cape Town, in particular at places with many visitors such as shopping centres and along busy streets.
Interviewees are requested to provide information about their demographics and travel behaviour, but they do not need to provide personal information such as their names and contact details.
For example, the questions focus on:
• where the person lives – this is to determine the point of departure for commuting or travelling to a place of education;
• where the person works or where their place of education is – this is to determine their destination;
• type of work/industry/education;
• whether the person works from home;
• how often the person makes the particular morning trip between home, work and place of education;
• the types of transport the person uses during the weekday morning trip, for example minibus-taxis, the MyCiTi bus service, train, walking, cycling, or private vehicle;
• the person’s monthly household income; and
• the number of people in the household who work
The data will not be shared with any third parties, and ITS is required to abide with the Protection of Personal Information Act.
The ITS fieldworkers wear nametags with their names, staff numbers and photos.


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