6 Fashion trends to watch in 2021

Source: Burgess Milner (https://unsplash.com/)

You may have spent much of 2020 on the couch in leggings or pajamas. But, now that we’re cautiously back to our ‘normal’ lives, adhering to all the recommended health and safety precautions, of course, we’re unearthing the “proper clothes” from the back of our cupboards.

Minimalism and sustainable conscious purchasing remain important so don’t think you need to rush out and purchase a new wardrobe! Consider what you have and how you can adapt your existing clothes and accessories to highlight the trends sweeping the runway. Be sure not to forget the most essential item and accessory – face mask and hand sanitiser.

Here are some trends to watch in 2021:

Close knitted sets

Your granny will certainly approve of your twinset! Close-fitting knitwear (think cardigans and turtlenecks) get a double thumbs up if they’re a matching set. The key to not looking like you’ve stepped back in time is to up the trend factor on the rest of your outfit. 


Pink, pink everywhere

Providing a joyful burst of innocence and brightness into the rather grey existence we’ve led over the last year, pink dominated the runways both for the autumn/winter season as well as spring/summer.


Big is better

Comfort is key but it just got chicer. Voluminous, oversized dresses, blouses and even roomier denim (we’re looking at you balloon pant), provide genuinely comfortable work from home clothing that aren’t sweatpants. 

Now that we’re heading into the chillier months, style your oversized frock with a pair of leggings or tights to keep toasty and stylish.


Puffer jackets and teddy coats

Don’t freeze when you nip out to do your coffee run. Puffer jackets and super cosy fuzzy, teddy coats and pullovers will make you want to hug yourself all day long. 


Brown is the colour of the season

Seeing shades of brown cropping up everywhere? Yes, you might have guessed. Humble, forgotten and down to earth brown is said to be the new black of 2021. 

If you’re not a fan of brown, don’t despair. Along with pretty pink, you’re bound to see a rainbow of sherbet and ice cream coloured pastel hues popping up in the shops, especially later in the year when the spring fashions arrive. 

Meanwhile, Pantone revealed in December last year that Illuminating — a bright yellow hue — and Ultimate Gray are its 2021 Colors of the Year, with both synchronously representing unity, stability and hope.


Move over skinny jeans

Blame Generation Z if skinny jeans are your best friend. The year’s cosiest (notice a trend?) jeans trends are definitely: “the roomier the better!” Straight leg, wide leg, mom and boyfriend jeans, plus stretchy paper-bag waists are in for 2021.


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