Volunteer Dedication Highlights Success of HWPL World Peace Summit

A grand-scale international peace summit, hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), unfolded in South Korea from September 18 to 20. This significant event, themed “Implementation of Multidimensional Strategies for Institutional Peace,” ran smoothly, thanks to the devoted efforts of 2,000 volunteers. The HWPL World Peace Summit brought together over 800 global leaders from 121 countries, representing diverse sectors such as politics, education, youth, women, media, and religion.

It’s worth noting that South Korea recently faced challenges in managing the 2023 World Scout Jamboree, which saw global participation and resulted in an official apology from the government due to poor management.

At the core of this remarkable event stood the unwavering Airport Team, dedicated to ensuring the seamless arrival and departure of all participants. Their responsibilities encompassed tasks ranging from visa issuance to ticketing, participant safety assurance, and even handling unforeseen flight disruptions. Their commitment to safety and order ensured a seamless airport experience for all.

The HWPL Convoy Team, comprised of skilled drivers, conducted meticulous vehicle inspections to transport participants with comfort and safety. Their professionalism and dedication left a lasting impression on visitors, and collectively, they covered an impressive 800,000 kilometres, equivalent to circling the globe 20 times.

Volunteer interpreters played a pivotal role in facilitating communication during summit sessions, ensuring a meaningful experience for all involved. A volunteer interpreter noted, “All of the 800 guests participating in over 30 sessions require interpretation. And all materials have to be translated into over 20 languages. Not only private organizations but also most national forums do not operate on such a large scale. Our HWPL interpretation and translation volunteers conducted this entire process.” The broadcast media team, comprised of 208 volunteers, worked diligently to capture and convey the essence of the summit to a global audience. A volunteer from the media team stated, “I believe that our videos serve as a powerful tool for spreading a culture of peace, making this event accessible to people around the world in various languages.”



The installation team played a critical role in ensuring the event’s success by managing electrical setups, stage installations, and maintenance throughout the summit, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all attendees. A representative of HWPL expressed gratitude for the dedication of these volunteers, driven by their passion for peace, and hoped for government support for this peace movement.
HWPL, a South Korea-based international peace NGO affiliated with the UN ECOSOC and the UN DGC, has been at the forefront of global peace initiatives since its establishment in 2013. The organization’s commitment to world peace and the cessation of war is unwavering, as demonstrated by the successful execution of the HWPL World Peace Summit.

HWPL, a South Korea-based international peace NGO affiliated with the UN ECOSOC and the UN DGC, has carried out global peace movements for world peace and cessation of war since its foundation in 2013.