Bayhill Tournament Unveils Future Football Stars

(Image by Anzio Williams)

The Bayhill Tournament, a staple of South African football, has become a platform for the stars of tomorrow to make a name for themselves.

Scheduled from March 27 to 31, 2024, the tournament will unfold with its group stage, knockout stages, and the semi-finals at Erica Park Sports Grounds in Belhar, Cape Town. The final match will be hosted at Athlone Stadium.

For the 12 teams who secured their spot in the tournament, the journey has been a grueling four-month battle for qualification. 

(Image: Caitlin Thomas)

The qualifying teams are:

  1. Hanover Park FC
  2. Rebels FC
  3. Westridge FC
  4. FC Porto
  5. Young Bafana Soccer Academy
  6. FN Rangers St Agnes
  7. Ubuntu Academy
  8. Junction Rovers FC
  9. Elsies River United FC
  10. Clover FC
  11. Rygersdal FC
  12. Everton FC

At the tournament launch in March 2024, 19 teams based in Cape Town will be joined by 13 visiting teams, including both national and foreign participants, whose identities will be unveiled.

(Image by Caitlin Thomas)

Among the teams earning automatic qualification status are Grassy Park FC, reigning champions from 2023, and Bayhill United FC, the host club. Additionally, Cape Town City FC, Cape Town Spurs FC, Stellenbosch FC, LFA Mitchells Plain Team, and SAFA CT have secured their spots, adding prestige to the event.

The Bayhill Tournament stands as a beacon in South African football, providing a platform for budding talents to shine. As we anticipate the upcoming rendition, the excitement is palpable throughout the football community.

(Image by Anzio Williams)