NamBTS, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Governor McLeod-Katjirua Unite for Blood Drive Success

Governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua encouraged those in attendance

The Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS), in collaboration with Shincheonji Volunteers, orchestrated a successful blood drive with the esteemed presence of Khomas Regional Governor, Laura McLeod-Katjirua.

The event aimed to replenish the critically low blood banks and inspire the community to actively engage in the noble act of saving lives through blood donation. Faced with an alarming shortage of blood, NamBTS made numerous appeals to the public to step forward and contribute.

Heeding the call, Shincheonji Volunteers joined forces with NamBTS to address the blood shortage issue and encourage the community to embrace a culture of giving through a blood donation drive.

NamBTS set up and get volunteers started with donating blood

Dr. Estee Joubert, who volunteered, shared her motivation by recounting firsthand experiences of how the shortage of blood negatively impacts the lives of patients. As a Christian, she emphasised the practical manifestation of the teachings of Jesus, saying “We should love and care for one another, both spiritually and physically.”

The event unfolded with energetic cheers as esteemed guests and donors arrived. Governor McLeod-Katjirua addressed the donors, highlighting the significant impact of their contributions by stating that a single donation has the potential to save three lives.

Stressing the crucial role of blood and blood products in community health, she shared staggering statistics, underscoring the fact that someone requires blood every two seconds and 1 in 7 hospital admissions involves a need for blood. The governor expressed her excitement and gratitude for being part of this collaborative effort with NamBTS and Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

The Governor takes in the exhibition regarding the history of Shincheonji Church

Following her address, the governor familiarised herself with Shincheonji. She delved
into its biblical history and the fulfillment of prophecies in Revelation, as well as the comprehensive free bible course offered to all believers.

Commending the youth’s active involvement in the church, she expressed her satisfaction at seeing their commitment to God’s work and avoiding detrimental distractions.

Governor McLeod-Katjirua concluded by expressing gratitude to NamBTS for consistently raising awareness about blood bank shortages and eagerly anticipated participating in Shincheonji Volunteers’ future social projects at both the constituency and regional levels.

The youth of the church enthusiastically participated in the blood drive

NamBTS aimed to gather a minimum of 50 blood donations, a goal that was exceeded as they managed to collect more than 62 blood donations during the event. NamBTS Marketing Officer, Frieda Vatileni, shared that this accomplishment translates to saving more than 150 lives.

Despite the success, the director urged the public to continue donating, revealing that only about 1% of Namibians donate blood, leaving a vast number eligible to contribute.

The appeal resonated with a powerful message: let us extend love to everyone, be it friends, family, or even enemies, recognising that our shared blood can unite us. Every drop is of great value.