US 2020 elections update

November marks the month for elections in the United States of America, as the whole world stands in great expectation awaiting to hear who will be sworn in as the 46th President of the USA come 2021.

Millions of US citizens all made their way to polling stations on the 3rd of November 2020 to cast their votes for their next US President for the next 4 years. Either Republican, businessman, TV personality and current US President Donald Trump will be re-elected with his vice Mike Pence (former governor of Indiana) or current Democrat, the former vice-President to Barak Obama, Joe Biden with his vice-President Kamala Harris (who is a senator from California) will be elected.

Each party needs to ensure that they get 270 electoral college votes to ensure their representative is elected into office. The President of the USA is not determined by popular votes but electoral college votes as the USA works through a centralised federal electoral system with 538 formal electoral up for grabs. Each state is given a number of college electoral votes depending on its population.

As it stands Joe Biden has 264/270 electoral and Donald Trump has 214/270. However, there are 6 states and 71 electoral that still need to send their results, stating that the race is still far from being over. These states are; Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15), Nevada (6), Alaska (3), Georgia (16), and Arizona (11). It is still a close call as the results can go either way according to the electoral colleges up for grabs.

With this year’s elections, we cannot dispute the fact that “history has been made”. Joe Biden has already received the most votes in US History, meaning he has already won when it comes to ‘popular votes’. Furthermore, over 66.1% of US eligible voters cast their votes this year as compared to the 55% who voted in the 2016 elections, and more people voted over mail as compared to going to the ballot stations directly.

Many of the votes were cast via mail due to the Coronavirus, which has caused great delays in the counting of the votes and issuing out of results thus far as they need to be certified and counted. It is expected that due to such delays the results may take days or even weeks.

However, whatever the outcome may be, come 20th of January 2021 the 46th USA president will be inaugurated at the Capitol building in Washington DC.


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