Peace updates from around the globe

At the end of each week, we highlight the peace efforts of the citizens of the world.


This week we look at peace and security being restored in Zimbabwe according to the Zimbabwe Defense Forces Major General, Douglas Nyikaramba. He credited the quelling of the uproar to a joint effort by his officials, and the general public.

Zimbabweans embarked on demonstrations over the 150% fuel price hike last month. The protests turned violent when the country’s army took to the streets. Major General Nyikaramba regretted the loss of lives in the process.


Tuesday was a momentous day for the Central African Republic: after five years of conflict between the government and rebel groups, a peace deal was initialed.

Signing on the dotted line was the President and the representative of the 14 armed groups from the former Muslim rebellion and the Christian defense militias. The final signing took place the following night in the CAR’s capital Bangui.


At the Preparatory Meeting on Women, Peace and Security in Addis Ababa recently, President of Ethiopia Sahle-Work Zewde said she wanted to see the African Union and United Nations lend a hand to ensuring more women actively participate in the UN’s Peacekeeping efforts.

This would include peace building, the prevention and resolution of conflict, and the promotion of women’s rights. In so doing, the president said it would show that Ethiopia was committed is to being actively involved in peace work for years to come.


The recipients of this year’s Sunhak Peace Prize have been announced. They are Somalian actress and model Waris Dirie and Nigerian businessman Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina.

Dirie founded Desert Flower Foundation which has the objection of terminating the genital mutilation of millions of girls. Dr. Adesina is the president of the African Development Bank which has developed agriculture that successfully increased food security to many African farmers. They will share the $1 million award.

The Sunhak Peace Prize was established in 2015 and is awarded every two years. The ceremony will take place this month in South Korea.


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