Creating for the future

Tote bag made from recycled plastic bottles.

When people see the clothing and accessories The Joinery produces, it is hard to believe they were made from recycled plastic bottles.

When sisters, Natalie and Kim Ellis, started their ‘passion project’, it was out of a sense of responsibility. They wanted to channel their creative skillset and desire to find new ways to produce eco-friendly items into a worthwhile cause.

Laptop bag made from recycled plastic bottles.

They approached PETCO with the idea of producing their own sustainable fabrics. The sisters then found a supplier who created fibre using recycled plastic bottles and they used the light grey material to create the various fashion items and useful accessories The Joinery sells.

“If we don’t have passion, if we don’t have the drive towards a sustainable business, then what do we have?” said Kim. “It may be the hard route, and the route less travelled, but we have pledged to continue on the journey.”

Slippers made from recycled plastic bottles.

From the humble beginnings working from Manneburg with 17 skilled employees, The Joinery is now based in Woodstock and has 37 people in its employ.

The brand has contributed to keeping about 15,000 plastic bottles out of landfills and plan to do even better through future projects. It is no wonder they won the 2017 PETCO Award for the best product using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and the 2017 Eco-Logic Award for Eco Innovation.