2018 FIFA World Cup: Knockout stages round up

1. Brazil Picking Up Steam

Brazil has finally hit top gear after a slow start to the tournament.
They had a convincing 2 – 0 win over Mexico, and a strong displace from their key man Neymar.
With Argentina, Portugal, and Spain all exiting the tournament due to loses in the round of 16, the Brazilians are the last of the so called ‘big guns’ left.

Brazil were victorious over Mexico beating them 2-0.
2. Minnows take centre stage

This is being described as one of the greatest World Cup’s in recent memory. A big part of that is due to disruption of the established order.
With most of pre-tournament favourites either already gone or on their way home, the door is open for unlikely glory for one of the less fancied nations.

Argentina’s nail-biting match against France was a close 4-3 against them.
3. Russia can go all the way

After beating Spain on penalties and the next game being against the very beatable Croatians in the quarterfinals, there is no reason why the host nation can’t go all the way.

Russia not only lasted 120 minutes against Spain, but beat them 4-3 in penalties.
4. England finally hold their nerve.

It’s been 12 years since England won a knock-out game at a World Cup, and they have never won a penalty shoot-out at a World Cup.
Both curses were lifted on Tuesday night when England overcame Columbia in Moscow (3 – 4) on penalties.
There is a long way to go before football can return home, but this will have been a massive relief for the nation as a whole.

England got their groove back.