Greece to the rescue

As a result of the Taliban takeover that is sweeping through the land of Afghanistan, many women, who hold positions as lawmakers and judges, are being offered accommodation along with their families in various European countries with the help of Greece and some international charity organizations.

Shagufa Noorzai, a former lawmaker from the south of Afghanistan, lamented over the situation with the Taliban at a conference in Athens during October, stating:

“We struggled for 20 years, but this all, I think, went to zero. We lost. They killed our thoughts, our freedom of expression,” she said. “Our country has darkened.”

The woman of Afghanistan have a future filled with uncertainty after the takeover by the Taliban in August. Even though the Islamic leaders exclaimed that there will be no danger towards woman and that they will be provided with work, the majority still fear that the lives of women, specifically those who were in positions of authority, are facing an increased risk of violence.

The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated that he is “Proud” to welcome Afghan women to the Greek peninsular. Mitsotakis stated in a tweet that he was “very proud” that Greece has obliged to accommodate the women from Afghanistan, and care for them as they make their way through Europe.

The Afghan Woman are fearful of aggressive Taliban rule and the threat they face due to being born a woman, and even more so if they worked together with the western military that occupied the Afghan land for the last two decades. The only option to protect their families and keep their lives was to flee from their homeland.

Greece has already assisted 2,200 Afghanistan refugees who had to flee the violent country. Although, fleeing Afghanistan with the power and control in the hands of the Taliban is itself a life threatening undertaking. It is still a better option than the alternative which is certain death.

With the world in need of heroes and helping hands, it is a victory for humanity that we are able to put aside all that divides us and give hope to the hopeless in their time of need. Salute to the Hellenic Republic for putting life first.