A day of terror for Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya addressed his people on Wednesday morning following the terrorist attack that left the country reeling on Tuesday.

“My heart and that of every Kenyan goes out to every to innocent man and woman violated by senseless violence,” he said.

At about 15:00 in Nairobi, civilians begun running for their lives as three car bombs went off outside the Dusit hotel complex. Another went off inside the hotel foyer, resulting in severe injuries for the guests within proximity. Then live fire rang out.

Al-Shabab claimed the attack which was not their first in Kenya. For the past decade the Somalian extremist group has tried to overthrow the UN-backed Kenyan government since they sent their army into Somali to fight against al-Shabab.

The last two attacks took place in 2013 when the Westgate Mall was under siege for several days, resulting in the death of about 67 people, and in 2015 when 148 people were killed in the attack at the university in Garissa.

In his address President Kenyatta confirmed that this latest attack had resulted in the death of 14 people and the injury of many others. He also commended the police officials who worked hard and efficiently in the rescue mission that ensued not long after the 19 hour-long attack began. 700 civilians were saved.