200,000 Members of International Church Hold Virtual Prayer Service for Covid-19

While the world waits with bated breath for a COVID-19 vaccine to be found, 200,000 congregation members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus gathered on 16 September for a global online prayer gathering for the eradication of the coronavirus.

The virtual prayer service was live-streamed to the congregation which spans across the globe, including the USA, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The 200,000-strong congregation prayed for the healing of those infected with the virus and their families, overworked healthcare workers who are struggling to fight Covid-19, those in economic distress in the wake of the pandemic, government officials, for a cure and the complete eradication of Covid-19.

In keeping with social distancing, health protocols, and protecting its members from possible exposure to the coronavirus, Shincheonji arranged the virtual gathering for members to pray together in safety; setting an example for other churches to follow. The overwhelming online participation from its members worldwide showed the desire and urgency to end this virus and for healing and restoration in communities.

The Chairman of Shincheonji Church, Mr. Manhee Lee, suggested the online virtual gathering and said that all congregants will continue to pray at the church’s worship services until the complete eradication of the coronavirus. At least 1,700 of the church’s South Korean-based congregation have donated their blood plasma for research aimed at finding an effective treatment. Convalescent plasma has also shown promising results as a potential therapy for Covid-19 and is believed to have reduced the severity of symptoms in critical patients.

“In order to defeat Covid-19, we need to embrace, love, and unite,” as global citizens, the church said. “We wanted to do all we can as believers by praying for the people working to prevent the spread of the virus and healthcare workers who are working at the frontlines of this battle against Covid-19 and we believe that God will answer our earnest prayers.”