The lock-down locks

I am proud to announce that today was my first ‘post-Covid’ haircut. I suppose I can’t really say post, since we are still in lock-down level three and nothing is post anything yet. Regardless, I feel like a new person, it is wondrous what a cut and blow can do for your self-esteem.  Off course, in hubby’s eyes, it wasn’t even necessary and I (quote) ‘still looked like the day we met’. I am tempted to believe him but still, very far from the sweet sixteen-year old he is referring to.

The events leading up to my overdue appointment for my too-long, short-hair, took an unexpected, yet interesting turn. The first couple of weeks was a breeze and when people started to complain, I chuckled, it didn’t bother me because I was smart! My hair was done on the very last day before lockdown and I considered it lockdown-ready. This freshly cut hairstyle could handle a couple of weeks without a doubt and not even video calling proved a problem. Little did I realize the rules of this game.

In the other corner, working from home was a welcome change for Mr (hus)Bond and at first going without a shave at the barber was a relief. However, this particular Mr Bond does not share the usual hair loss concerns of his peers and before long, daily video conference meetings were exchanged for audio. The close resemblance he shared with the Tom Hank’s “Cast Away” character would just not be beneficial for his professional capacity.

Yes, my small victory was short lived. The lockdown-locks were in the lead and my game plan had to be revised. Soon, armed with clippers, baby powder and a big make-up brush, the playing field was leveled. How hard could it be, right? After all hairdressers make is look so easy. Well, after a few close shaves this rookie realized it could easily be considered a contact sport. Some minor injuries, luckily no casualties and back to video it was.

However, Mrs Smarty-pants, had to admit final defeat when my own hair got completely out of hand. Risking a rookie was not even considered. The only thing to do was wait patiently for the day (today) to finally arrive keeping an eye on the news. Lock down has taught me appreciation for the small things and respect for those whom you sometimes take for granted. Getting my hair done today is such a blissful feeling, I might just believe Mr Bond’s sweet words after all.


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