The devastating state of violence in SA schools

The state of violence in and around schools is escalating, each week parents are losing children.

Just this morning a 16 year old Mondeor High School pupil was stabbed to death outside the Johannesburg school. The details are yet to be uncovered.

Yesterday a grade eight pupil landed up in hospital after being stabbed during a fight with a peer in grade nine. The two Rusthof Secondary learners are believed to have been gambling on school grounds when the younger boy lost and demanded his money back.

This week Muizenberg High will hold a memorial service for their fallen heroine, 18 year old Janet Ntozini. She was stabbed to death when she came to the rescue of a disabled teen who was being attacked by a 23 year old man.

On Sunday a 17 year old boy was stabbed and killed during a robbery in Kimberley. He and his four friends were on their home when they were ambushed by what is believed to have been about 10 men and robbed of their clothing and shoes. This was just a day after his matric dance.

And who can forget the five teenagers who were arrested in connection with the murder of Thoriso Themane in Flora Park, Polokwane, after an incriminating video circulated?

These are only a few events. There have been many others over the past few weeks, months, years. What can we do as communities? What should we do as a nation? Leave a comment and let us know.