Ordinary congregation members preach on Revelation

Since 19 July 2023 ordinary congregation members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, without any prior preaching experience, have been giving sermons on the Bible book of Revelation in hundreds of its congregations worldwide.

The church encouraged its members to give sermons during the church’s Wednesday worship services. This marks the achievement of being the first church, both domestically and internationally, to realise the “shepherding of all the saints”, which they have been advocating since its founding.

Members ranging from teenagers to members in their 70s, with no prior experience in preaching or lecturing, have been given the opportunity to preach on Revelation during its Wednesday worship services.

All 7 Southern African branches of Shincheonji Church have also seen ordinary church members take to the pulpit to give insightful and fluent sermons which made for awe-inspiring moments. The members confidently tackled topics and themes from a book like Revelation, which even experienced pastors hesitate to do.

Since 19 July many members from the branch churches across Southern Africa took to the pulpit. One of them is Thobekani Qiniso Mbambo, who has been a member of the church for more than 8 years. He said, “I would have never thought that I, a normal congregation member, would even receive such an opportunity. It was only when I was preparing that I realized that congregation members of Shincheonji have mastered the book of Revelation, this is what’s promised in the Bible, this is what I believe and have faith in.”

Shincheonji congregation member, Zinhle Basi, preaches the word of Revelation.

Another member, Zinhle Basi, a 39-year-old female member added, “It’s time we show that Shincheonji is the place that can testify the book of Revelation with confidence as we have the revealed word. Congregation members aren’t usually chosen to share the word in many churches.”

Shincheonji congregation member, Nic Ngcobo, preaches the word of Revelation.

Nic Ngcobo, a 29-year-old male member, said that “I realized that before joining Shincheonji Church I did not know the Bible, let alone the book of Revelation, but now I can clearly testify the truth that all believers must know.”

Ngcobo said that through the opportunity to preach on Revelation, he was filled with so much gratitude to be used by God to testify the truth found in Biblical scripture. “In preparing I realised how clear and simple it is to understand the word taught at Shincheonji – everything from Genesis to Revelation, even the reality of the prophecies that were made in the Bible.”

All members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus participated in the church’s EQUIPPED Bible Course. It is an internationally run course meticulously compiled and curated to help Christian believers of any level of understanding and knowledge of Biblical scripture to get back to the basics. It consists of three phases which focus on explaining how all the books of the Bible are connected to reveal God’s desire to reconnect with His creation, discovering the meaning of the parables in the Bible, and the new covenant made by Jesus at the time of the first coming. And lastly, understanding the meaning of the book of Revelation.

According to Craig van Niekerk, a church spokesperson, Shincheonji has been inundated with requests from believers across Southern Africa showing interest to participate in this Bible course. Recently, the church launched the course online giving anyone from anywhere access to study the Bible from Genesis to Revelation free of charge. Interested parties can visit the EQUIPPED Bible Course website at be.equipped.co.za

Ji-yeon, the General Education Director of Shincheonji Church said, “Our aim is to ensure that all saints, from young children to senior group members thoroughly master the Bible and be able to give sermons as evidence of their understanding of Scripture.”

He also remarked, “In this world, there is no other denomination where saints can master and lecture on the Book of Revelation like we do in Shincheonji. Now, instead of simply criticizing us, others should verify right and wrong based on the Bible.”

Those who are interested to hear the Word are welcome to join the online course. All courses are free-of-charge, and anyone who wants to know the Word, both pastors and ordinary believers, are welcome to join. For more information visit: be.equipped.co.za


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