SONA 2019: Why it deserves your attention as a SA citizen

President Cyril Ramaphosa at last year's SONA

Today, 7 February 2019, South African news broadcasters will be sure to keep the nation’s eyes glued to their television screens as the State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by President of the Republic, Cyril Ramaphosa, goes live from 19:00.

SONA is an annual, formal gathering where the President addresses the state regarding the country’s current status and future plans as the parliamentary year opens.

It is attended by government and political figures, former Presidents, Chief Justices of the Constitutional Court , judiciary, Governor of the Reserve Bank, and Diplomats and Ambassadors of the country. Essentially, they are all there to hear which political, economic, and even social direction the state will be steered in.

Therefore, it is quite important that every South African citizen take the time to pay attention to the 2019 SONA. Especially considering the events of 2018.

Specifically looking at the economic changes that occurred, such as the roller-coaster of changes in the price of fuel, the exchange rate, and the one percent increase in VAT in April. Furthermore, it would be good to know what the Exploration Bill means for South Africa’s economy in 2019.

When looking at more pressing matters for the youth, the SONA will need to give the country a clear indication as to what will be done on the issues pertaining to education, free tertiary education, unemployment, and the state capture.

With the national elections coming up in a few months, it is crucial that President Ramaphosa delivers a clear-cut speech full of possibility, opportunity, and direction for the people of South Africa, specifically the youth who have lost so much hope in the government already.


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