Cyclone Kenneth: UN to grant emergency funds to Mozambique

The United Nations announced on Sunday night that receive emergency funds of $13 million would be given to Mozambique to help deal with the aftermath of Cyclone Kenneth.

This is the second cyclone to hit the country. Last month Cyclone Idai caused damage in the south of Mozambique and neighbouring countries Zimbabwe and Malawi, claiming more than 1,000 people lives.

Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in Mozambique’s northern province, Cabo Delgado, on Thursday. 38 lives have been lost as the cyclone brought gale-force winds and heavy rains which caused rivers to flood. These combined forces wiped out entire villages. Weather services have warned of the possibility of more flood inducing rains.

In addition to damaged infrastructure, the effects of the storm include displacement and food and water shortages. The country now faces a breakout of cholera due to the damage to water and sanitation facilities.


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