Shincheonji Chairman Delivers Powerful Revelation Lecture in a Continental Series

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, marked a significant moment as Chairman Man-Hee Lee delivered a compelling lecture on the events of the book of Revelation in the Philippines.

This lecture in Asia inaugurated a series of seminars scheduled to take place throughout the year across different continents, with Africa’s leg set to take place in August. These seminars, including live-streamed sessions on YouTube in multiple languages, aim to meet the growing demand for spiritual enlightenment and understanding worldwide.

Chairman Lee delivers his words of testimony according to Revelation in the New Testament (image by: Shincheonji Church of Jesus)

“He is the only one who can teach about Revelation, he is the one who has seen and heard all the events and is, thus, able to testify. It is not about academic knowledge that one has, it’s testifying the reality and events, and we must take heed of it, we must believe it and live accordingly,” said South African Pastor Gerald Letsie of Maranatha Christian Center, Worcester.

Despite his advanced age, Chairman Lee’s passionate delivery of the testimony on the book of Revelation resonated with simplicity and clarity, evoking intense engagement from the audience. In his address, Chairman Lee recounted his journey of faith and the divine guidance that led him to establish the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. Citing Revelation 22:16 and 8, he underscored his calling and duty to testify to the words of Revelation. He also highlighted the significance of all believers fully understanding Revelation and, thus, being like ‘walking Bibles.’

“It is the mission of this person (Chairman Lee) to convey what has been reported and heard from the events of Revelation chapters 1 to 22. What I have seen and heard, what I have touched, and what exists in reality, that is what I am here to share with you,” said Chairman Lee. “Now is not the time to say anything and simply agree with ‘Amen’. You must understand the era of reality. It is the era when promises have been fulfilled.”

Given his longstanding relationship with the country, Chairman Lee’s visit to the Philippines holds particular significance. Apart from religious activities, he played a pivotal role in mediating a civilian peace agreement in Mindanao in 2014, garnering global attention and the establishment of peace in the region after a 40-year-long religious conflict that claimed more than 120,000 lives and displaced millions of people.