Jerusalema Goes Global

A local hit by Limpopo born DJ Master KG and Nomcebo has taken the world by storm with its spiritual yet electric house beat ‘Jerusalema’.

The masterminds behind this hit song are 24-year-old record producer Master KG and local vocalist Nomcebo Zikode. Released in 2019, Jeruslema started to bloom internationally during the second half of 2020 through the Jerusalema dance challenge. People from around the world have been coming together to record their own take of the dance challenge.  This has provided some much-needed entertainment during a global pandemic. The trend for the dance challenge started off in Angola and to date has reached as far as Italy and Romania. At the beginning of September, the Jerusalema music video had reached more than 110 million views on YouTube, which is a first for a South African artist.

International celebrities who have posted about the song include singer, Janet Jackson, and football player, Christina Ronaldo. Master KG has expressed that he did not anticipate the song to gather so much attention. In a strategic career move, Master KG signed with a record label in France, Elektra France, which understands the house music genre and boasts international music giants like David Guetta.

Locally, Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, has also taken to Twitter with his son to participate in the dance challenge. Healthcare workers, police stations, and students have also enjoyed taking their spin on the challenge. It’s needless to say that Master KG has managed to ignite something that has been very much needed during this trying time, and that is hope.


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